As mention above, 96% of “First Time Visitors” are not prepared to spend money on your product or service, they’re just browsing…wandering around.

In fact, they’re subconsciously evaluating your products/services.

99% of Beginner Entrepreneurs inevitably make the same mistake: capturing their email address

The primary and perhaps only goal for targeting First Time Visitors is to capture their email address. This is because as long as you’ve gotten their email address, you have the ability to bring them back to your website after they leave via email marketing.

Capturing First Time Visitors email addresses is the fastest and most efficient way for converting visitors > subscribers > customers

There are several ways to target First Time Visitors:

  1. Lightbox Popup
  2. Exit-Intent
  3. Content Locking
  4. Slide-In Scroll Boxes

Once you shift your focus and goal from trying to convert First Time Visitors > First Time Customers to converting First Time Visitor > Subscriber > First Time Customer you will begin to make easy money online!