Targeting Returning Visitors are a lot easier to convert than First Time Visitors

Your goal now is to require them to optin before wandering around again. Don’t be scared to make this mandatory. Remember, if they weren’t going to buy anything anyways you didn’t miss out on a potential sale. In my experience, it is best to weed out the browsers from the buyers as soon as possible.

In order to capture a returning visitor’s email address, you definitely want to offer them an incentive for signing up or subscribing. This could be a: discount, free download, free product, free trail, free shipping,  etc…

One you’ve collected their email the real magic begins…

You are now able to achieve two things at once:

  • Personalize content which best suits their need
  • Personalize conditional emails based on their activity
    • How many emails they open
    • How many times they visit your website
    • How many times they ordered
    • How many times they visited a particular page

To better understand this concept, please check out ==> Real-Time Behavior Automation