Here’s the honest truth, at least 96% of visitors that somehow land on your website are just not prepared to buy your product or service. They will visit your site just to browse around and leave. And the worst part is most if not all of 1st Time Visitors will probably immediately forget about your website as soon as they exit the tab.

The solution to for generating new sales is to remind 1st Time Visitors to re-visitor your website or eCommerce store and more importantly to keep in touch with them until they are prepared to buy.

Facebook retargeting is the perfect opportunity for you to convert abandoned visitors into 1st time customers.

Retargeting is a form of online advertising that brings back website visitors who haven’t converted on their first visit to an online store.

When someone of interest visits your website or online store, a ”cookie” is placed on their browser. Cookies allows Facebook to recognize the website visitor so that when and if they exit your website/online store before buying, an ad will target and remind them to Return…

Facebook is a great channel for retargeting marketing. It is relatively easy to set up and you can set whatever budget. Also, there is a great chance your website’s visitors are among the 2 billion people actively using Facebook on a daily basis, which provides the perfect opportunity “advertise” where your potential customers are already.

In a nutshell, if you are not using Facebook Retargeting you are missing out on a lot of easy money…