Automated Workflows work wonders for entrepreneurs and small-large business.

Workflows are perfect for funnels, support, & sales because depending on your subscriber’s behavior a followup action can be performed automatically. For Example, if a subscriber visits your website but does not buy anything, you can set up a workflow to meet the following conditions:

  1. Check if subscriber adds any product to cart
  2. If subscriber does not checkout within 30-mins, send an “Abandoned Cart” email reminding them that their order is not complete
  3. If subscriber opens the email but does not complete order within 4-hours, send another email including a “Free Shipping” coupon code
  4. If subscriber opens email and still doesn’t checkout within 24-hours, send a final email warning them that their “Free Shipping” coupon will expire within “X” amount of time.

Workflows can be used for just about anything: Customer Win-Back, Birthday Discount, Feedback Survey, Window Shoppers, Product Review, Scheduling Consultation Calls, etc…