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Intelligent Marketing is The Secret to making money "faster" online

Dear Entrepreneur,

Are You Trying To Make Money Online Faster?

Let Me Guess, You’ve Already Built A Website Using Wix.Com But Still Haven’t Made Any Sells?

…Or Maybe You Are Thinking About Building Your First Website

Because You Believe That Designing Your Own “Stunning Website” Will Somehow Make You Rich.

Sorry, But Wix Or Any Similar Site Builder (Weebly, Homestead, Godaddy Central, Squarespace) Will Not Make You Rich… That’s Because They Lack The Proper Marketing Technology

If This Is You Than You Need To Understand Why Only Super Successful Online Businesses (0.01%) Like (Amazon, Vistaprint, Ebay, Etc) Are “Somehow” Increasingly Earning Lucrative Amounts Of Revenue Online While 99.9% Of Startup Online Businesses Are Steadily Going Out Of Business Within Their First Year in Business…

Super Successful Online Businesses Or ECommerce Have One Thing In Common: “Intelligent Marketing”

In A Nutshell, They Understand That Every Visitor Doesn’t Deserve The Same Treatment (Approach or Offer or Promotion or Privilege).

Your Website (Or Frontend Marketing) And Email Marketing (Or Backend Marketing) Should Both Be Capable Of Distinguishing And Targeting Website Visitors Based On Either Their Status Or Behavior: 1st Time Visitors, Returning Visitors, Subscribers, Window-Shoppers, 1st Time Customers, Returning Customers, Regular Customers.

Super Successful Online Businesses Biggest Secret Is They’ve Already Realized That Website Visitors Must 1st Become Engaged Subscribers Before Becoming Returning Customers!

Knowing This Allows Them To Target Each Visitor Personally…

Think About It Like This. Wouldn’t It Be Effective If Your Website Could:

  • Greet Returning (Visitors, Subscribers, Customers) By Name
  • Dynamically Recommend A Specific Product/Service Based On A Recent Sale Or How Long They’ve Been On A Particular Page Or Which Items Are In Their Cart
  • Show Relevant (Offers, Discounts, Promotions) To Different Visitors All At Once (1st Time Customer, Returning Customer, Regular Customer)

We At Lucrative Web Designs & Marketing Provide Both Frontend (Or Onsite) & Backend (Or Offsite) Marketing Services For New Or Struggling Online Businesses To Increase Their Revenue Online Almost Immediately.

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